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About the Citizenship Foundation

Citizenship Foundation
The Citizenship Foundation is an independent education and participation charity that aims to encourage and enable individuals to engage in democratic society. Founded in 1989, our particular focus is on developing young people’s citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding of the law, democracy and public life. We do this by:

  • championing civic participation;
  • supporting teachers, schools and colleges with the delivery of citizenship education;
  • working with young people in community-settings on issues that concern them.

Citizenship Foundation & economic awareness
The Citizenship Foundation has been developing resources and delivering programmes to increase young people’s economic awareness since 2005 – and Paying for It is now one of its flagship programmes in this area. The Citizenship Foundation has been leading on the development of the concept of economic awareness – i.e. what people should know about the economy, and how they can engage with it.

This work includes:

Boom Bust and Crunch 

Boom Bust and Crunch was create in conjunction with FTI Consulting, and helps 14-17 year olds make sense of the 2008 financial crisis and its repercussions, by putting financial services professionals directly into the classroom.
Make it our Future – East London
The Citizenship Foundation worked in partnership with the Olympic Park Legacy Company and Westfield Stratford City as well as Lendlease and the Elephant & Castle redevelopment to deliver and facilitate a schools’ programme that will encourage young members of the local community, their parents and peers to find out more, and engage with, the plans for the future of their local community.

The Citizenship Foundation developed a financial education toolkit, and a series of educational activities, for Santander employees to deliver in classrooms with secondary school students. The toolkit and resources were rolled out to Santander employees in January 2010.

My Money, My Rights
As seen on the BBC, and funded by Santander, the pocket-sized easy-to-use My Money My Rights guide covers a range of financially related issues that impact on teenagers’ lives, e.g. banks & building societies, consumer law & student finance. Accompanied by two KS4 lesson plans, it is free to download from Santander and Citizenship Foundation websites, and thousands of free copies were distributed to schools across the UK in Autumn 2010.
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Budget Buddy & Play your Prepaid Card Right Game
An interactive budgeting tool (the Budget Buddy) and money game (Play your Prepaid Card Right) designed as financial education tools to accompany the launch of Visa’s prepaid card for under 18s.

Money Money Money
A web-based guide to student finances, developed with funding from Deutsche Bank, and designed to help young people make informed economic decisions. Includes an interactive, online game: ‘Who wants to be a student anyway?’ and free teachers’ resources.

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