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Accessibility and inclusion are central to the Paying for It website and have underpinned its development. Our vision is that the site should be inclusive and be available to the widest range of users and abilities within our target audience.
The accessibility provision on the site is focused on three main groups:

  • Dyslexic users
  • Visually impaired users
  • Motor impaired (Switch) users

In accordance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SENDA) Act 2001 best endeavours have been made to ensure that Paying for It content is accessible and inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities.
If Macromedia Flash technology is utilized to enhance some of the activities on Paying for It, certain users working with assistive technologies may be unable to fully engage with all pages. Every effort would been made to ensure the Flash activities will include accessibility features that ensure that dyslexic, visually impaired and motor impaired users can engage with the content.
Below is a list of accessibility features that are used within Paying for It:
Accessibility Standards
Paying for It conforms to priority 1, Level A WAI compliance for websites.

  • Paying for It conforms to most elements of Level AA WAI compliance for websites.
  • Paying for It conforms to coding standards for HTML, CSS and XML against the appropriate W3C standard.
  • Navigation of the site does not require any scripts.

Navigational elements

  • Alt tags are used in the HTML content throughout the site.
  • The site provides a logical tabbing order and all Flash activities are made accessible through tabbing.
  • Proprietary keyboard short cuts are not used.

Accessibility features
The site has been built using XHTML and CSS that allows the user to change the font settings via their preferred browser settings and override the CSS presentation of fonts.

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