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In 2013, Chance to be Chancellor asked this question to all 14-18 year’s across the UK. 
Between Nov 2012 and Feb 2013 1,400 young people responded and Youth Budget is the result.
Overall Youth Budget 2013 would increase taxes more than the Government to dramatically cut the deficit. Spending was roughly the same with investment in education and employment a priority, along with reforming the NHS and efficiency savings from defence.

This project is no longer running, but you can create your own personal Budget here.



Young peopleGovernment


Young peopleGovernment

Taxation – Spending = Deficit


Young peopleGovernment



Decrease the retirement age to 50 so more young people can get jobs. Increase pensions by 7% to make up for it.”
Olivia Watkins (14)

Close corporation tax loopholes to ensure the UK receives more taxes and that local companies are not undercut.”
Max McCreery (16)

Tax unhealthy foods more and use the revenue to subsidise healthier foods to promote health.”
Max Naudi (16)



Entrants argued their policy choices to win Chance to be Chancellor. Five videos were shortlisted and a popular online vote began.

View runners up videos 


What next?



Youth Budget Poster. Use in the classroom, promote in school, give out to young people or send to your Member of Parliament.


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Chance to be Chancellor is the culmination of Paying for It, an educational programme that develops economic awareness amongst young people.

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