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Chance to be Chancellor in the classroom

November 28th, 2012

Getting your students to take part in Chance to be Chancellor couldn’t be easier!
Paying for It Teachers’ Notes provides guidance on using Chance to be Chancellor in an enrichment day or over a term / half term in conjunction with Paying for It’s lesson plans.  Below is a step by step guide for a 45-60 minute lesson in a classroom with ICT access.

Step 1: Starter (10-15 mins)
Open by asking students who is the Chancellor and what is the Budget. Use HM Treasury’s video (1:43) to explain afterwards. Follow up by briefly asking the students:

  • How does the Government collect the money it spends?
  • How does the Government spend public money?
  • What challenges does the Government face in deciding how to collect and spend public money?

Step 2: Taking part (20-40 mins)
Explain that ‘Chance to be Chancellor’ is an online challenge asking young people what they would do if they had the chance to be chancellor? Depending on how much time you have, you can use the HOW IT WORKS and WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW sections to give the students a bit more context.

Ask students to visit, and click on REGISTER. This is so that their entry can be officially counted and also so that they can go back to their entry to change it (and enter the video competition) at a later date. Students should complete the form and keep a note of their login details.

Once they have registered, they should click on ENTER NOW. This will take them to their brief which they should read and then click GET STARTED when they are ready.

Once students complete the challenge they will see a SUMMARY of their choices, which compares their budget to the Government’s. Ask students to remain on this page once they are finished.

You can then use the information on the YOUTH BUDGET page to explain how their opinions will be collated and published.

Step 3: What next? (5-10mins)
Ensure students have noted their registration details so they can return to their accounts. They can now take three further actions: suggest an idea for a policy, take part in the competition and share their budget.

Use the information on THE COMPETITION page to explain how they can take part in the video competition. Consider in advance whether you could set their competition entry as a homework task.

Here is a link to an inspirational article on using smart phones to make short films.


No ICT access?
Don’t worry – you can set Chance to be Chancellor as a piece of homework and ask students to bring in a print out of their summary page.

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