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Curriculum round up

December 20th, 2012

Chance to be Chancellor launched during this year’s Parliament Week (19-25 Nov) – a national initiative to raise awareness of UK democracy.

One of the other main highlights this year was the UK Youth Parliament debate in the House of Commons which saw half of all MYP’s vote to campaign on overhauling the national curriculum to ensure it better prepares young people for life. Find out how your students can get involved in the campaign by visiting the UK Youth Parliament website.

In other news, Ofsted has recently published good practice case studies in Citizenship on Bishop Auckland College, Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College and Mossbourne Community Academy.

The Citizenship Foundation has launched a new microsite to help Citizenship teachers assess delivery against ‘Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural’ development framework.

Finally, keep an eye out for further updates from 27 January to the Guardian Teacher’s Network’s ‘Engaging Students in Political Issues’ series sponsored by Chance to be Chancellor.

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