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Free schools: the future of education?

October 7th, 2010

Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has launched the new Government’s flagship education policy in an attempt to bring the ‘free schools’ model of building and running schools to the UK.

The Government’s Academies Act 2010 will enable parents, teachers, charities and businesses to set up their own school, funded by the tax-payer, and free from local authority control.  Supporters claim that it will cut bureaucracy whilst creating competition between schools that will drive up standards.  Critics, however, argue the free schools model will use taxpayers’ money to benefit communities that are more able to dedicate their time and skills to setting up a school.

Where do your students stand?

  • Issues around school funding, the value of the curriculum and choice are addressed in Paying for It’s education lesson plan.
  • Teacher’s TV provides a great ‘need to know’ video on the free schools model.
  • Get you students involved in the Hansard Society’s ‘Heads Up’ online debate on education launching in November.
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