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George Osborne – the anti-green Chancellor?

January 14th, 2013

Environment and climate change continues to be contentious- the Chancellor is accused of being against the environmental agenda.

George Osborne has recently angered some environmentalists over tax breaks for oil and gas companies, this has led to accusations that he is against the environmental agenda and has introduced counterproductive policies. This conflict is one of many examples of how the environment and climate change are still contentious. With the recession the debate around climate change and the environment has become more economically based.

Both environmentalists and their opponents seek to justify their views by making economic arguments about the effectiveness of their ideas. Energy policy, the green economy and flood protection are all environmental issues which are still politically important because of their economic links.

Through Chance to be Chancellor we’ve been asking all 14-18 year olds which environmental policies should go into Budget 2013 – so far 27% would spend more to update the country’s flood defences whilst 25% would save public money by cutting funding for renewable heat sources.

What do you think should go into Budget 2013? Take 15 minutes to share your views on Chance to be Chancellor!

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