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Give your students the Chance to be Chancellor!

November 23rd, 2012

Calling all teachers – get your students learning about, and sharing their opinions on, Budget 2013!

We’ve just launched Chance to be Chancellor to give your students a voice on decisions made in the Budget today that they will pay for in the future.  Via an online tool it challenges your students to make informed decisions on spending and taxation.

Running until 15 February 2013 and open to all 14-18 year olds, Chance to be Chancellor gathers the opinions of all those who take part and publishes them in ‘Youth Budget’ to provide a platform for young people’s opinions on Budget 2013. Students can also enter a national competition by creating a short video (max 90 secs) arguing their choices with a chance to win an IPad and an exclusive invite to the Youth Budget 2013 launch event.

Find out more and get your students taking part!

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