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In the classroom: Youth Budget 2013

March 27th, 2013

In the run up to Budget 2013 the Citizenship Foundation in partnership with Aviva have been working with the Guardian Teachers’ Network to provide loads of great ideas on engaging students with politics and the economy.

Use Youth Budget 2013 to deliver an engaging lesson on Budget 2013 in the classroom:

  • Introduce the Chancellor and the Budget using this ready-made PowerPoint presentation.
  • The accompanying ‘Youth vs. Budget 2013’ PDF download contains an activity that enables students to decide how they think the Chancellor should have allocated public spending across six main areas of Budget 2013. Reveal the actual allocation and take feedback on how and why the students’ allocation might be different.
  • Follow up students’ feedback with a video reaction to the Budget 2013 from a young person on what it means for them. Provide students with copies of the Youth Budget 2013 and explain the purpose of the report.
  • The ‘Youth vs. Budget 2013’ PDF also contains an outline of the differences across the same six main areas of the Budget and Youth Budget 2013. Arrange a whole class debate on whether the Government’s Budget or the Youth Budget (or something else entirely!) is the right choice for the country.
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