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Opt Out Organ Donation

December 19th, 2011

The demand for organs in the NHS has led the Welsh Assembly to discuss the potential for nudging more of its citizens into donating theirs when they die through requiring them to opt out rather than in for organ donation.

Currently around 30% of the UK population are registered organ donors though around 90% say they support organ donation. Despite this there are around 8000 people waiting for organ transplant right now and it is estimated that around an eighth of them will die before receiving one.

Those opposed to the reform claim it is a state invasion of individual freedom as an individual’s organs may be donated if they have failed to state that they don’t want them to be.

As well as saving many lives, the potential increased number of donors may reduce the number of people dependent on the NHS each day while they wait for a transplant which could make a significant difference to the NHS.

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